Photo By Walter Pall

Jim Doyle, A Biography.

In 1973, with a B.S. degree in horticulture from Delaware Valley College of Science and Agriculture now Delaware Valley University, Jim started Nature`s Way Nursery and developed an early interest in Asian culture and plants. By 1980, through the influence of Chase Rosade, bonsai passed from being a hobby to a business/life-style. Jim attends many symposia, teaches year round to both adults and children at his studio and travels extensively. 

After a brief visit to Japan, Jim started a quest for new information. He was involved in founding the Susquehanna Bonsai Club, boasting membership of over 100, and co-chaired the 1992 ABS Convention in Hershey and many more that followed. He has written articles for national publication and consulted regionally in Japanese garden design.

Today, along with his teaching, Jim continues to import bonsai, pots, tools and related garden items. Other interests include conifers, Japanese maples, writing haiku, fishing, bike riding, nature walks, and spending time with his dog, Adia, and children, Nell and Max (not to be confused with his other hobbies). Jim`s favorite tree is, of course, the one he is working on.

As time goes by, Jim continues to enjoy the benefits of knowledge through bonsai. He has discovered a caring and understanding friendship with plants and with people.

Jim also teaches/demonstrates nationwide and in Europe and Canada. He has been involved in many symposia in the Bonsai community. Suggestions for basic class/demo outlines are available by email.