2017 Class Schedule

Quiet night awaits
lessons from nature’s bounty
meditation’s spell.
- Jim -

Another magical year approaches as the yurt awaits new visitors to teaching in the round.  It’s amazing just how sitting with each other makes opening yourself less complicated.  Besides teaching at home, there are many travels this year:  Japan with daughter, Nell; New Zealand, Italy, Germany with gal, Libby; and many symposia in the US to teach.  It is always an honor to share 44 years of bonsai foolishness.  Our new offering of Heart Rhythm Meditation with South African, Dr. Charles Palmer, combined with bonsai application helps us to better understand why we do bonsai and our attraction to plants and art.  Many of you have expressed excitement in this quiet-learned approach.  Charles has a special awareness to understand meditation.  Come join us for this and other classes of bonsai fun and knowledge. 


Life hardly ever lives up to our anxieties... so do more bonsai and let’s go with our flow.

—Jim Doyle

Introduction to Bonsai

Become aware of all the elements of bonsai through this beginner’s course. History, styles, design, year-round maintenance, pruning, wiring, potting, and refinement are all covered; along with a hands-on workshop where you will create your own future masterpiece.  A great “refresher course.”  Plant, pot, soil, wire, fertilizer, and booklet are included.


Saturday, April 8 (GP)  •  9:30AM-5:00PM

Sunday, June 4 (JP)  •  9:30AM-5:00PM

Saturday, September 16 (GP)  •  9:30AM-5:00PM

Saturday, October 28 (JD)  •  9:30AM-5:00PM

Fee: $90  //  Observers: $25

Japanese Maple Forest Workshop w/ Jim Doyle

Who can’t get lost in a forest or group planting?  Philosophy, psychological design concepts, and care with development are all covered in this timely topic.  Seven to nine tree composition, potting soils, and pot included.  Bring your own lunch.


Saturday, March 18  •  9:30AM-4:00PM

Fee: $110  //  Observers: $30


Woodstock X w/ Walter Pall & Jim Doyle

True bonsai immersion for the beginner to the very experienced.  Jump right in…the water is always perfect to work with 200+ newly arrived 20-500 year old Yamadori, domestic trees and bring your own for continual design.  Students from around the country and Canada.  Join us each year for these duende-esque workshops.  Lunch & drinks included.  “Special Woodstock” memorabilia to first ten to sign up.  Peace signs encouraged.


Friday, April 21  •  9:30AM-5:00PM

Saturday, April 22  •  9:30AM-5:00PM

Sunday, April 23  •  10:00AM-4:00PM

Fee: $110/day or $260/3 days  //  Observers: $50/day

Juniper or Pine Styling w/ Vaclav Novak*

Join this International artist from Czech Republic for his first time teaching in America working with special, selected trees both domestic and collected.  Class size is limited.  Lunch included.


Thursday, May 11  •  9:30AM-5:00PM

Fee: $250  //  Observers: $55

BYO Tree w/ Vaclav Novak*

An opportunity to work with a world-renowned artist.  Bring challenging material for Vaclav to help you find a tree in your bonsai.  All styles and type material welcome.  Class size is limited.  Lunch is included. 7pm Program is free!


Friday, May 12  •  9:30AM-5:00PM

Fee: $100  //  Observers: $35


Special– Take both of Vaclav’s classes for $325!


As Mauro is in demand to teach around the world, we are honored for him to come back (as his first US sessions were with us), and share his design approach.  Intense sessions make your trees better. Includes lunch.


Friday, May 19  •  9:30AM-5:00PM

Fee: $105  //  Observers: $35

Introduction to Meditation + Bonsai w/

Dr. Charles Palmer & Jim Doyle

Learn the basics of meditation to help understand the relationships of plants and people.  Charles and Jim are collaborating together for the first time to provide a foundation of thought and inner peace with heart rhythm meditation.  Plant, pot, soil, and wire are included.  Jennifer Price of Chicago will be assisting. 


Saturday, June 3  •  9:30AM-5:00PM

Fee:  $100  //  Observers:  $30

Advanced BYO Tree with Introduction to Meditation w/ Dr. Charles Palmer & Jim Doyle*

Bring your trees to work on with a better understanding of how they make you feel and set up a new way to understand them.  The time will start with an introduction to heart rhythm meditation with a work session and follow up meditation & discussion.  This offering is unique in the fact that it will aid all to do bonsai and seek calm in our lives.


Saturday, June 24  •  9:30AM-5:00PM

Fee:  $100  //  Observers:  $35

Shohin (Miniature Bonsai) w/ Jim Doyle

Small can be big.  Work with 2 selected shohin (1 Jabilly / 1 Temperate), and 1 accent plant; and also learn theories on how to display them.  This informative, diverse session will be reflective for understanding this subject.  3 Plants, Pots, Soil, Wire & Lunch included.  You may also bring one of your personal trees for advice and work.


Saturday, September 9  •  9:30AM-4:00PM

Fee: $100  //  Observers: $25

Bonsai Oktoberfest w/ Walter Pall & Jim Doyle

Let’s just say that these classes are enlightened by that special way of teaching Walter and Jim have brought — appealing to both the beginning and continuing student. These 3 days will both inspire and entertain you. The camaraderie of all who come builds the best memories. BYOTree and/or work with our trees. Includes lunch.


Friday, October 13  •  9:30AM-5:00PM

Saturday, October 14  •  9:30AM-5:00PM

Sunday, October 15  •  10:00AM-5:00PM

Fee: $90/day or $240/3 days  //  Observers: $40/day

Dwarf Boxwood Workshop w/ Rodney Clemons*

Boxwood could be Rodney’s middle name.  Special selected older morris midget and compacta varieties will be the focus with this great teacher.  These mature trees have been waiting just for this class!  Bring your own lunch. 


Friday, October 20  •  9:00AM-1:00PM

Fee:  $200  //  Observers:  $35

Tropicals On The Rocks w/ Yamil Collazo

Who better to teach this class than our Puerto Rican, artist, friend, Yamil.  Learn design, care, and techniques for root over rock composition.  Plants, rocks, and instruction all included.


Friday, October 20  •  1:30PM-5:00PM

Fee:  $100  //  Observers:  $35


Special– Take both of Rodney & Yamil’s classes for $275! Plus free program at 7pm.

Amur Maple workshop w/ Jim Doyle*

This hardy, strong, powerful maple with small leaves and fantastic fall color are the focus of this workshop.  Trees range from 1.5”-3” trunks!  Care and development will be covered.  Lunch included.


Saturday, November 4  •  9:30AM-4:00PM

Fee:  $225  //  Observers:  $35

Special 2 day work session w/ Mauro Stemberger*

An opportunity to work on a tree with Mauro’s guidance plus BYOT’s to get advice, wiring techniques, and design.  Class size limited.  Lunches included.


Saturday, November 18  •  9:30AM-5:00PM

Sunday, November 19  •  9:30AM-5:00PM

Fee: $190 for both days  //  Observers: $35/day

Winter Study w/ Walter Pall & Jim Doyle

Never a dull moment… Walter and Jim have been cavorting collectively since 1995. They continue because it is both a fun and informative process for them. We offer the opportunity to work on killer material and advanced techniques with a pair of premier teachers. You may bring your own trees for continued study and season-appropriate development. Lunch included.


Friday, December 1  •  9:30AM-5:00PM

Saturday, December 2  •  9:30AM-5:00PM

Sunday, December 3  •  10:00AM-4:00PM

Fee: $85/day or $230/3 days  //  Observers: $40/day

Young Persons Workshop (Ages 9-16)

It’s a joy to share with the young, an opportunity to learn a culture, history, horticulture, art, cuisine, and science all in one course!  A discussion & demo followed by the fun part: hands-on creation of a bonsai to take home and care for.

• Although not currently scheduled, we are willing to facilitate this class if you are able to gather 5-10 students. We will then schedule a class at your convenience.

Fee: $45//  Sorry No Observers