Scissors in your hands

Plants growth changes direction

New delights play hard

-JD -


What can you think of that is more challenging, fun, creative, educational, and rewarding as working with plants?  Not much.  Plants teach us about natural relationships, interacting with others and our genuine need in all processes of life.  Bonsai is the artistic understanding we share.  2018 is very exciting... our 45th year!  Join us with all these great artists that share their talents and knowledge.  We now have an additional teaching venues including the yurt, which as brought out a lot of physical encounters with unexpected creative thought.  More to come!  “...all lives are consequential, there is no hierarchy of consciousness or intellect.  To feel the warm, oxygenated exhalation of the jungle is to know life as the planet intended it, morning fog above the forest is the earth’s imagination made literal, hovering and nourishing.  Great trees are more humble and profound than we could ever be...” –J. Handshaw

Hard work and hard play or... work hard and play hard. 

—Jim Doyle & Nell Doyle Leaman

Class & Event Calendar

Also Available:

Young Persons Workshop  (Ages 9-16)

It’s a joy to share with the young, an opportunity to learn a culture, history, horticulture, art, cuisine, and science all in one course!  A discussion & demo followed by the fun part: hands-on creation of a bonsai to take home and care for.

** Although not currently scheduled, we are willing to facilitate this class if you are able to gather 5-10 students. We will then schedule a class at your convenience. **

Fee: $45  //  Sorry No Observers