2017 Class Schedule

Quiet night awaits
lessons from nature’s bounty
meditation’s spell.
- Jim -

Another magical year approaches as the yurt awaits new visitors to teaching in the round.  It’s amazing just how sitting with each other makes opening yourself less complicated.  Besides teaching at home, there are many travels this year:  Japan with daughter, Nell; New Zealand, Italy, Germany with gal, Libby; and many symposia in the US to teach.  It is always an honor to share 44 years of bonsai foolishness.  Our new offering of Heart Rhythm Meditation with South African, Dr. Charles Palmer, combined with bonsai application helps us to better understand why we do bonsai and our attraction to plants and art.  Many of you have expressed excitement in this quiet-learned approach.  Charles has a special awareness to understand meditation.  Come join us for this and other classes of bonsai fun and knowledge. 


Life hardly ever lives up to our anxieties... so do more bonsai and let’s go with our flow.

—Jim Doyle

Winter Study w/ Walter Pall & Jim Doyle

Never a dull moment… Walter and Jim have been cavorting collectively since 1995. They continue because it is both a fun and informative process for them. We offer the opportunity to work on killer material and advanced techniques with a pair of premier teachers. You may bring your own trees for continued study and season-appropriate development. Lunch included.


Friday, December 1  •  9:30AM-5:00PM

Saturday, December 2  •  9:30AM-5:00PM

Sunday, December 3  •  10:00AM-4:00PM

Fee: $85/day or $230/3 days  //  Observers: $40/day

Young Persons Workshop (Ages 9-16)

It’s a joy to share with the young, an opportunity to learn a culture, history, horticulture, art, cuisine, and science all in one course!  A discussion & demo followed by the fun part: hands-on creation of a bonsai to take home and care for.

• Although not currently scheduled, we are willing to facilitate this class if you are able to gather 5-10 students. We will then schedule a class at your convenience.

Fee: $45//  Sorry No Observers